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For 30 years now we've been driving innovation

in architecture, engineering, and construction with advances in computer-aided design and building information management. As specialists in BIM and digital construction, we build on the insights of leading practitioners, our clients, to benefit the AEC community.

Visionary from the start

AGACAD has always been Ahead of it's time

From its early days pioneering AutoCAD, to the promotion of 3D design, to Building Information Modeling (BIM) expertise and the development of common BIM standards.

We've trained innumerable professionals, advised on thousands of projects, and built the world's biggest selection of Autodesk® Revit® expert tools.

Worldwide expansion

Proudly based in Lithuania – a dynamic and tech-savvy EU economy and international IT-service hub – we're excited by our current global growth.

Clients 13 000
Countries 130

Over 13 000 clients in 130 countries now trust in our vision, advice and solutions for digital construction, including top design firms like AECOM, ARUP, Atkins, ATP Architects & Engineers, Cannon Design COWI, Foster & Partners, Henn Architekten, HDR Architecture, GRONTMIJ, Ramboll Architecture & Planning, KEO International, Skidmore Owings & Merrill, Stantec, Woods Bagot, and others.

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TODAY'S REALITY:Digitalization

The AEC industry today has to handle huge amounts of data. BIM has enabled 3D, 4D, and 5D work. Now design is adding 6D and 7D while construction and management are shifting to Virtual and/or Augmented Reality. Building projects need real computing power

Enter AGACAD, with its worldwide expertise in BIM system implementation, project-specific consulting, and specialized productivity software for managing the full building lifecycle.

AGACAD implements solutions for 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, and 7D BIM. They're fully tested and integrated. And they're based on the insights and wish-lists of the most advanced practitioners, so industry best-practices are built-in.

  • ND

    Standards, LOD/LOI rules, element classification, data exchange and management.

  • 3D

    Design, engineering, and production

  • 4D

    Construction scheduling, planning and control

  • 5D

    Costs and analysis

  • 6D


  • 7D

    Facility management over the full lifetime of an asset

  • ND

    BIM process and project project management, LEAN

Tomorrow's vision

AGACAD's vision is, together with our clients, to contribute to the further evolution of the AEC industry. Not just to deliver tomorrow's AEC, but to help create it.

Very soon construction will be based not on drawings, but on information.

At building sites, 3D information will be used rather than plans, with augmented and/or virtual reality tools putting exact data in each exact place. And on-site 3D printing technologies are also rapidly advancing.

The key will be building information "management" rather than modeling.

AEC professionals will speak not about models, but about rapid exchanges of information, precise amounts of data, and the specific information needs at a given time.

Already now at AGACAD we have solutions for outputting from a BIM model directly to CNC machines, any cloud, project management software, cost estimation software, and even ERP. Today it's possible to assemble all the information needed to 3D-print a building and send it somewhere, say to Mars, for actual output.

Our current R&D focus is "∞D BIM" and buildings with Artificial Intelligence – an unavoidable part of the AEC future. CEO Donatas Aksomitas has begun examining key related issues for effective BIM data management and exchange on his new blog BIMAXON


on-site or online anywhere in the world network of
digital-construction experts

User training for AGACAD
and Autodesk products
Effective management of
building information
BIM basics and
international best practices
Project-specific consulting and
Advanced Framing /
Precast / MEP work in Revit

Key moments in our history

Explore our history

Find out about all the major milestones in AGACAD's history

The first Autocad license

was brought to Lithuania from Germany by future AGACAD founder Gintaris Aksomitas, who quickly set up one of Autodesk's earliest Authorized Training Centers in Europe and began teaching AutoCAD (and computer literacy). A doctor in technical sciences himself, he was inspired by his father's work to industrialize Baltic construction.

The first Autocad add-on

Gintaris Aksomitas created the first AutoCAD add-on for architectural design.

Lithuania Boldly

Reestablished independence

AGACAD was founded

On February 1st

less than a month after Lithuania defended its regained independence. The company originally focused on importing and distributing the latest CAD technology and training local professionals.

October 1st

The Internet was born in Lithuania as the first connection to the World Wide Web was made.

Current CEO

Donatas Aksomitas joined the company

after graduating as a construction engineer. The company began promoting 3D design solutions.

Autodesk acquired Revit software

and published a white paper on BIM.

Acquisition price $133 000 000

Autodesk® Revit® arrived in Lithuania

Lithuania joined the European Union and the NATO defense alliance

AGACAD won multiple Autodesk sales awards

for the Baltic, Nordic and Northern European regions. It also became an Autodesk Authorized Developer for Revit.

AGACAD created its first Revit add-ons


The company was recognized by Autodesk as an Authorized Certification Center.

International sales of AGACAD's software began

led by orders from clients in the U.S., Australia, Norway and The Netherlands.

new BIM tools and solutions

During this period AGACAD launched dozens of new BIM tools and solutions while building a global network of distribution partners.

It also contributed to developing Denmark's new BIM standard within the "Cuneco" project, helped launch Lithuania's "Digital Construction" initiative, and took part in other industry efforts.

The company's software was rebranded as

10 000 th license for AGACAD bim software was sold

Lithuania adopted the euro

The largest portfolio
in the world

In the year of its 27th anniversary, AGACAD's portfolio of Revit add-ons and other BIM solutions became the largest in the world.

Digital construction award

Received for contributions to the field as well as initiatives to develop and promote the use of BIM methodology

Read more about the award here



Our Precast Concrete suite for Revit got strong attention amid growing precast use worldwide.


The beta-launch of our new-generation BIM data management platform was held at Autodesk University in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, AGACAD CEO Donatas Aksomitas started the blog on data efficiency and precision in BIM.



Autodesk named AGACAD one of its first "AEC Industry Partners" – trusted providers of technology that complements Autodesk’s own platforms for BIM.

+ R&D

We launched a slew of industry-focused solutions and intensified R&D work in areas like AI for buildings, mixed reality, CDEs, classification systems and more.



We worked closely with clients to customise and further enhance our industry-
focused BIM solutions, especially for framing.



Autodesk added AGACAD Wood Framing software to its AEC Industry Partner portal.
Specialty framing solutions launched: for SIPS, CLT, Oak, ventilated facades and
curtain walls.


Rebar-modelling automation marked a major addition to our Precast toolbox.


M&F tecnica, Inc. – a BIM pioneer in Japan



We became a part of ARKANCE, an international leader in the digital transformation
of construction and manufacturing, thus gaining resources to realize our vision of
creating tomorrow’s AEC more fully and bringing the ARKANCE group
AGACAD's proven ability to develop world-class, innovative digital technologies.

Thank you

AGACAD is thankful to all the clients, business partners and other members of the AEC community who, during our first quarter century of work, have supported, encouraged, and put their trust in us.

And in a special way we're grateful to our team of truly outstanding professionals for their constant dedication, drive, and insights.

We remain fully committed to working closely with all of you to reduce BIM stress, secure BIM benefits, share BIM advances, and promote the BIM industry.

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